TZ Martin

I design solutions, write code and lead teams.

Currently CTO / CEO of Virtruvia Systems.

Previously: Scientific Analytics, Google Cloud, Citadel, ROI Training, Global Knowledge and Axway (Appcelerator).

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I'm a relentless problem solver with a designer's mind.

I'm a full-stack engineer, artist and creator, specializing in data engineering, mobile app automation, machine learning and computer vision.

I’m currently the founder of Virtruvia Systems, a real-time video analytics platform. We help consumers quantify and understand how they move through mobile apps and machine learning.

I'm also the founder of Semantic Press, a software agency that works with companies to create innovative products, concepts and software solutions.

I typically work with companies to help solve business problems, teach engineering or to develop prototypes that represent new product categories or axioms.

As a self-taught engineer with an economics background, I'm very focused on the bottom line. I love the startup culture and strive to work with highly productive people.

My technical skills are diverse from computer vision (OpenCV), machine learning (Tensorflow, PyTorch), mobile applications (Swift, SwiftUI) and real-time systems (Google Cloud, PubSub, Redis, Golang).

Quick Background

Since 2017, I've become an AI practitioner and data engineer focused on human pose estimation and causal analysis of kinematics while at Scientific Analytics. As such, I've been entrenched within biomechanics, physics and quantifying human movement using a single camera. This is the thesis for creating Virtruvia Systems.

Earlier in my career (2000's), I began in finance (economics) with an early interest in statistics, art and entertainment. This eventually led me down the path of startups and software engineering, where I learned by working with subject matter experts and was exposed to engineering best practices (12 Factor Apps, Google Style Guides, etc).

Years later (2012-2016), I became a solution partner, professional instructor and technical writer working with leading organizations such as Google, ROI Training, Global Knowledge and Axway (Euronext: AXW.PA) to work on various enterprise engagements. During this period, I joined Google to create the official Google Cloud certification program.

I went on to teach over 1k people and worked with leading companies to either train, invent solutions or migrate existing services to Google Cloud Platform. I specialized in mobile applications and cloud engineering.

Today, I build executive-level solutions for companies, often working with key decision makers to define technical strategies.

I often switch between high level discussions on "our solutions" to writing code (Python, JS, Go), training ML models (Tensorflow, CoreML), designing UI (Sketch, Figma), or creating financial models (Sheets, that actually create those solutions. Bingo!

Fun Facts

If you have something interesting or want to talk, please reach out! Always open to connecting with others.

How To Reach Me

Contact me on LinkedIn or Twitter.