tz martin

I design and code, often creating products from scratch.

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"I'm a relentless problem solver with a foremost designer's mind."

My name is TZ Martin, aka tzm on Hacker News. I'm a data engineer, artist and creator. You can read my LinkedIn.

Professionally, I’m the founder of Virtruvia Systems, a markerless performance capture company for sports and healthcare markets.

I typically work with companies (new and old) to help ramp up teams or to develop prototypes that represent new product categories or axioms.

My skills are diverse from computer vision (OpenCV), machine learning (Tensorflow, PyTorch), mobile applications (Swift, SwiftUI) and real-time systems (Google Cloud, PubSub, Redis, Golang).

Quick background

Since 2017, I've become an AI practitioner and researcher-at-heart, focused on pose estimation and causal analysis while at Scientific Analytics. As such, I've been entrenched within biomechanics, physics and quantifying human movement using a single camera. This is the thesis for creating Virtruvia Systems.

Earlier in my career, I began in finance (economics) with an early interest in statistics, art and entertainment. This eventually led me down the path of software engineering, which I self-learned by working with experts and looking at lots of great code.

Today, I build solutions from scratch, often switching between writing code (Python, JS, Go), training ML models (Tensorflow, CoreML), designing UI (Sketch, Figma), or creating financial models (Sheets,, etc.

On a personal level, I love stand-up comedy, documentaries, history, libraries and art museums. Podcasts are my thing today.

If you have something interesting or want to talk, please reach out! Always open to connecting with others.

How To Reach Me

Here are the best ways to reach me (order of priority):

Method Lead Time
510-876-9797 (sms or tel) 0 - 1 hour
Twitter DM / WeChat 0 - 6 hours
Email 0 - 48 hours